Self Care

Health care of the waist:

(1) kneading the points at the waist Clench the fists , using the knuckles of metacarpophalangeal of the index fingers, and knead hard the paired acupoints of Shenshu ,Zhishi (UB 52) and Yaoyan (Extra) for about 30 times each.Try to get the feeling of soreness and distention

(2) Thumping and Virating the Lumbar Region Clench the firsts and thump with their ulnar side along the three lines in the lumar region: 1. the center line. 2. 1.5 cun lateral to the center line. 3. 3 cun lateral to the center line . For 5-10 times each to provide vibrations to the waist

(3) Scrubbing the Waist Stick the two palms tightly on the skin of the waist , and rub-scrub with them up and down from the second lumbar vertebra to the sacro-iliac articulation till the region is hot. Effects of common chinese herbal medican