Acupuncture works through stimulating the body's healing responses or immune system. "Acupoints" distributed along the 14 major meridian (channels) throughout the body can be stimulate by insertion of fine needles at various points. The needles are left for a while (15-30mins) so that they may fully stimulate the body system, encouraging the body to regain balance.

Acupoints: Acupoints are the sites through which the qi of zang-fu organs and channels is transported to the body surface.

Physiological Functions of Meridians The meridians(channels and collaterals ) have the function of connecting the zang-fu organs and the limbs.Furthermore, the meridians work to transport the qi and blood to nourish the body and resist exopathogens.The qi and blood provide a material base for the vital activities of the body. It is through the medians that the qi and blood are transport to all parts of the body to warm and nourish the zang-fu organs,tissues and other organs,maintaining the normal physiologial functions of the organism. acupuncture northampton

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